Monday, November 3, 2008

Arctic steam

What is the point of a blog? Its a great way to spend time that could be used for other things like cleaning your house, or doing your job. So to help you spend that time that would be better spent almost anywhere else, here is my first post. Its the first sketch of a yacht that I would like to work on. Im so tired of seeing these yachts sailing around the tropics with people enjoying the sun in thier bathing suits, so my concept is a boat for cruising the arctic. Its kind of a victorian era industrial boat with a little bit of imperfection and weathering. If I have more time, and I dont spend it on other peoples blogs, Id like to do a little more design on it and maybe a 3d model.


Jeffrey said...

Nice yacht! That's a cool and different idea ol' chap. Plank her up.

Enrique said...

sweet yacht brother! send my love to caroline